Small Modular Event/Wedding Bar - Free Delivery

Perfect for bar, sweet stall or a display stand for weddings and special events. Fully modular, perfect for transportation. Can be personalised with editable logo or simple text.  Available in 4 shades   See more in the description below:

The smaller of our two modular event units, stunning addition to any special event and makes a perfect display counter/bar for home afterwards.

Fully modular and totally versatile, you can face the crates out towards you or spin them round to have storage at the back of the units. Perfect for transportation to and from events.

A larger unit is also available under our shop display section.

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Need a bit of help working out what text goes where? No worries, here are a few tips to get it just how you want it. Think of the logo as broken down into lines, where line 1 is the top, line 2 the middle and line 3 is the bottom.