About Us

Fairground showmen John Farrar and Albert Corrigan became partners during WWII making basic ammo boxes and apple crates for the armed forces and farmers, supplying the country with food rations.
They were thanked by Winston Churchill in Liverpool whilst turning a dodgem track ride into a mobile respite centre, serving hot soup and offering shelter to weary firemen, police officers and anyone else affected by the blitz. They traveled throughout the UK finishing up in London's Leicester square offering this service free of charge.
In 2001 John Farrar passed away aged 100 years, and whilst clearing out his home in Sheffield, we came across a few of the original apple crates and the basic tools and drawings used to make these crates.
Recognising the new found popularity of these sturdy storage boxes, we started to make these again in 2005. We wanted to keep the old vintage look using new timber, which offered that vintage feel, but with a piece of mind that you could have a sturdy item of furniture, without the wood worm or rot found in some of the salvaged apple crates imported from France to the UK.
We are very proud of our product and feel we have achieved this. We currently supply many retailers and domestic homes with these amazing tactile modular storage units throughout Europe, with crate expectations towards the future ahead!